Flow 52/27

52/26 Flow, Polyester (2014)
Polyester slackline, EQB gear.
Installation views from Diplomanti at National Gallery, Prague.

I installed a slackline, 52 meters long 26m high, across the 5th floor of the gallery. Before and after the opening hours of the gallery, I trained walking it.Highline walking makes one enter in a different state of mind – some kind of thought–free – more than any other activity. On a thin line being the only connection to the ground, any unnecessary thought triggers a fall. I wanted to create a challenge for myself, a commitment to 2–phase training every day, a desire as the best concentration and motivation for me.

If art practice dealt with esthetic experience and if we accept that it still does, for me this aspect is abstractly present in a concentrated experience of progress. An idea comes to my mind that the ‘flow’ has become a nowadays commodity.