Drdova Gallery, Untitled (2014)

with Sebastian Stupmf
transformed space of the gallery,
Site–specific installation (drywall), video installation.
Installation & event shots at Lucie Drdová Gallery, Prague.

After going through a corridor behind the outer wall of the gallery (several meters long, getting narrower and narrower towards the its end) and after squeezing through this end into the dark space in gallery, the visitors of the exhibition at Drdova gallery could discover a video installation in the rear of the space.The video was screened on a tablet computer on the mirror above the sink at the toilet, close to an airshaft window. Video showed a recording of my passage from the outside of the building through the facade, continuing through the appartments and the staircase, over the rooftop into the airshaft all the way to the window where this recording was shown. The added ‘fictional’ gallery wall made not only the corridor but also the inner gallery spaces narrower, connecting the installation design and a connotations to the shown pieces into a ‘loop’.